Mission and Values


Songy Highroads LLC is founded upon the fundamentals of proven experience, integrity, and market knowledge—principles that have allowed for solid performance and growth throughout our history. These dynamics have enabled us to compile a solid base of individual and institutional investors. We at Songy Highroads desire to be recognized by the office and hotel sectors as a proven market leader, providing institutional quality real estate with innovative strategies.



We believe that honesty is the best policy and are therefore “upfront and open” with our partners. We strive to maintain the highest ethical and moral standards in our business practices.


We are leaders in our field and ensure that our assembled teams have outstanding credentials, extensive records of professional accomplishments and a commitment to completing the project in an effective and efficient manner.


Integrity, full disclosure, and unwavering advocacy of our clients’ interests produce tangible value that distinguishes our firm from all others. Our fundamental goal is to build and manage a successful organization by providing the very best business, based on establishing longterm partnerships. We will work collaboratively across functions to achieve our common goals. Our team will welcome change and seek improvements in both process and product while continuing the traditions that are the foundation of our success.


We provide creative problem solving, cutting-edge technology and superior systems to insure the best outcome for the client.